What do you get in the SlideCase package?

SlideCase on your event?

<300 participants
300-600 participants
600-1000 participants

Price for a 1-day conference

1490 $

1690 $

1990 $

Price for each next day

750 $

750 $

750 $

Price for 1-day conference:

<300 participants: 1490 $
300-600 participants: 1690 $
600-1000 participants: 1990 $

Price for each next day:

<300 participants: 750 $
300-600 participants: 750 $
600-1000 participants: 750 $

*The prices shown are net prices.
**The prices concern 1 room. In the case of a larger number, the price is calculated individually.
***Do you want to expand the application with a function dedicated to you? Contact us.

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As an Organizer, do I have to get a presentation from the speakers beforehand?

In SlideCase, the speaker materials are automatically downloaded, live, during the presentation! This means that you do not have to upload any materials before the event.

Do you need a high-speed Internet connection?

At SlideCase, we use local Wi-Fi technology that allows us to reduce the network load. Do not worry about the internet, get all your attention at the conference!

Will participants who are not at the conference also be able to access?

Anyone with an access code can log in to your event. It’s up to you whether you restrict access only to users who are at the conference, or will you pass (or sell) an access code to a wider number of people.

Will the access code for the event be active indefinitely?

How long you will be sharing depends on you – we recommend 7 days from our experience.

How long will the materials be available to participants?

Conference materials will be available for as long as you decide. At SlideCase we guarantee their storage for at least 10 years – let your listeners come back to them when they need them!

Is there a separate code for each room?

Generate only 1 event code, and your participants will get access to all rooms at once. With SlideCase it’s possible!

What if one of the speakers does not agree to share the materials? 

Nothing simpler, we stop recording and the presentation does not appear in the materials.

How much earlier do I have to sign a contract?

We recommend signing a contract 1 month before the event.

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We have already used the SlideCase application twice during the Congress of Online Marketing. Access to the conference materials turned out to be a great value for the participants, allowing them to return to the presentation after the conference and recall the most important information.

Cooperation with the SlideCase team proceeded without any problems and was based on a partnership approach. Professionalism and openness to our needs caused that we use SlideCase on subsequent events.

Forum Media Polska

Joanna Czeladzińska, Editor in chief


Cezary Lech, Organizer

I sincerely recommend the SlideCase tool that we use during the I Love Marketing conference. We see that there is a very strong user involvement. Over 70% of conference participants downloaded the application and used it during the presentation.

The main functionality of SlideCase, which is a great value for the participants, is that all slides from the presentation visible on the projector screen are displayed simultaneously on the participants’ mobile phones. As a result, participants can instantly make notes and save the most interesting slides, and even share them on social media with the hashtag conference – which of course is also the added value from the point of view of the organizer of the conference.

If anyone hesitates, wondering whether it is worthwhile at all to implement SlideCase in their events, I think that the decision can be only one – just test it and see whether your participants of the conference will be benefited from it. It worked great on our event, so I’m sure that it will work well in your event.