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What makes us unique?

The conference materials are very important for the participants

Access to the conference materials is a huge value for the participants, because it allows them to return to the presentation after the conference and recall the most important information.

Answer the question “When will the conference materials appear?”, before it even appears – thanks to the SlideCase all participants have access to slides in real-time, instantly after they appears on a screen.

SlideCase – a new standard of taking notes during an event!

We come to the conference to retrieve as many practical knowledge as possible. We take notes to be sure that we didn’t miss anything. Well, unless we lose the notepad on which we are taking notes or  we will not be able to rewrite the content of the slide before the speaker goes to the next one…

In SlideCase, notes are an integral part of a presentation, therefore you can focus entirely on writing down your thoughts, while the current slide will always be included to your note.

Sometimes marking an interesting slide with a star is all you need to easily return to it after the event.

Nearly 75% of event participants uses the application!

While only 10-15% of event participants use classic conference applications, SlideCase is being installed by 58-75% of event participants! It confirms that participants are expecting more than a PDF presentation sent a few days after the conference and that they like the effective way of composing notes in SlideCase.

SlideCase is not just about materials and notes.
We also have something for the Organizers!

Engage your audience! Since the vast majority of the event participants use the application, you can use it, among other things, to gather a feedback from them about the conference and individual presentations. You can also respond more easily to unexpected changes or save environment and resign from printing a paper agenda. And that’s just a part of the SlideCase features!

Questions for speakers

Encourage even shy participants to ask questions to the speakers

Live voting

Energize participants by voting with a live results display! Every participant can answer to a question asked by the speaker by using the application.

Presentation rating

Get feedback from participants about the lecturer and the substantive level of each presentation

Promotion of sponsors

Highlight the presence of your sponsors


Gather feedback from participants, so that the next edition of your event will be even better


Participants always have the current agenda at hand on the phone – save on the printout of the agenda

Push notifications

Inform the participants about the important points of the program or unexpected changes


Reward speakers with an information about the participants’ involvement and the list of favorite slides – their next presentation will be even more interesting

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